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European Statistical Recovery Dashboard


In December 2020, Eurostat launched the European Statistical Recovery Dashboard, which is updated every month and contains monthly and quarterly statistical indicators relevant for tracking the economic and social recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dashboard is proving to be very successful among users and in recent months a number of additions in terms of coverage and functionalities have been introduced.

New indicators to track the recovery from the pandemic have been added to two of the thematic pillars of the dashboard ‘Business and trade’ and ‘People and work’. A quarterly index of bankruptcy declarations, together with a quarterly index of registrations of new businesses, has improved the monitoring of business demography. Moreover, the July dashboard edition saw the addition of a new indicator that covers one aspect of the environmental impact of the recovery - the air quality indicator - which measures the monthly average of NO2 concentration in European capital cities.

The accompanying monthly Eurostat commentary has also been enhanced with graphical analysis focusing on the evolution of key indicators since the start of the pandemic. A summary table, highlighting the indicators that are at or beyond pre-pandemic levels, has also recently been added.

In addition to the increase in coverage, it is now easier to analyse the indicators: longer time series can be displayed comparing several countries; customised charts and datasets can be downloaded; and different units can be selected for some indicators.

However the work is not over – Eurostat is committed to continuous improvement of the dashboard, in response to the feedback from users, working in close cooperation with our European Statistical System partners.