Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Statistics • COVID-19 response

Data in the fight against COVID-19—What do we learn?

This UN World Data Forum webinar will explore how the statistical community is responding to the challenge of providing timely data, disaggregated by age, sex, location and other markers, in order to inform policies and planning aimed to minimize the risks of the COVID-19 crisis for the population, especially the most vulnerable groups.

Participants will learn from recent experiences of governments working together with partners at the national and global levels in adopting innovative approaches for the collection of critical data, such as daily COVID-19 case information disaggregated by various markers. The webinar will also discuss how data collected by National Statistics Offices are being used to forecast gaps in the required health service resources, such as hospital beds, and how this data is being translated into actionable insights to respond effectively to the crisis.

This webinar will:

  • Bring experiences from 3 entities working at the forefront of this crisis to provide data support.
  • Highlight the challenges and lessons learnt to improve the data collection and provide sufficient empirical data to respond to the pandemic.

The webinar is part of the United Nations World Data Forum webinar series that aims to showcase some examples on how national and international organizations are leveraging various techniques and methodologies to provide up-to-date information to decision-makers to mitigate the global COVID-19 crisis.